ph360 is a personal health platform that provides health and lifestyle insights based on scientific calculations of gene expression. It provides a personalized guide to food, fitness, environment, and lifestyle for optimal wellness.

The ph360 online platform builds 10 years of research in anthropometry, endocrinology, physiology, and phenotypology into advanced algorithms that understand the current expression of a person’s genes and the lifestyle and environmental influences that can affect their individuality. By analyzing a combination of body measurements, self-assessed physical traits, and current lifestyle and environment, ph360 can decipher hormone levels, metabolism, and lifestyle preferences. These preferences then create a unique body profile that calculates diet, activity, and mindset to help each person move towards an optimal state of well-being.

How ph360 Works:

ph360 incorporates scientific measurement of the body and takes into account family and personal health history, environment, and current lifestyles to decipher a unique body profile, and how this may influence a person’s physical structure, behavior, general attitude and response to food and exercise.

The platform utilizes more than 200 raw data collection inputs and automatically calculates up to 500 formulas and ratios. This data is combined into a sequence of more than 15 layers in many different categories -climatology, chronobiology and symptomology – to calculate over 10,000 data points that help to determine each person’s phenotypic and epigenetic profile:

Phenotype is the way genes look in action—A person’s physical makeup. Hair color, skin texture, bone length, and height. Phenotypes are affected by what scientists call epigenetics (things outside of a person’s genes).

Epigenetic factors describe elements that influence the expression of genes from the outside – A person’s past and present environment and their current lifestyle choices. These epigenetic factors can actually change the way genes express themselves, altering the phenotype.

By compiling this data, specific to each individual, ph360 is able to offer insight into the best foods, activity, and lifestyle for each person. These findings highlight that optimal wellness is not one-size-fits-all, and so ph360 aims to deliver comprehensive, dynamic, and highly personalized insights that change over time to meet current fitness, lifestyle, and mindfulness goals.

ph360 has multiple membership options ranging from monthly to lifetime.

For more information, visit www.ph360.me