Academic staff from well-known universities in UK coordinate specialists into research and deployment (R&D) of cybersecurity solutions.Our staff has all the credentials such as CISM, SSCP etc.

Our Services

-Experts from academia theoretically assess encryption schemes applied in a corporation. Academics also analyse systems and examine implementation parameters.

-Corporations assets are identified, threat actors and sources are investigated, and risk level is estimated using the methodology from well-known standards.

-Custom penetration tools are applied to a corporation for identification of vulnerabilities.

-Combination of technologies, such as face recognition with watermarking techniques, is applied to enhance source and entity authentication.

-Training (+Evaluation/Certification in Cyber Security Courses -Awareness)+ Cyber Crew Onboard E-learning platform

Our Products


CyberEye combines different intrusion detection technologies in a multi-layer approach to identify threats & is offered as a service for TMSA3, GDPR & NIS compliance and Blockchain alarms 24/7.


CyberCrew is an application which enables shipping companies to protect and monitor their crew. It implements customised technologies to protect devices and communications from adversaries.


CyberRadar is a system which enables shipping companies to protect from civilian GPS spoofing and jamming. In GPS spoofing an attacker changes the current location of a ship which results in a change of course.

-GDPR Compliance (CyberEye):