Paul J. Hannig, Ph.D. MFCC is a California Marriage and Family Therapist, Psychospiritual Counselor, Life Coach, and a past licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Over the years, beginning with his early days as supervisor and trainer at Philadelphia State Hospital, Dr. Hannig has developed many insights as to how early emotional pain and trauma are linked to the formation of severe personality, mood and anxiety disorders. His therapy approach is an amalgamation and integration of many different approaches and is central to the mind, soul and consciousness of the client. He is director of the PsychotherapyHELP web site at www.psychotherapyhelp.com.

Dr. Hannig and PsychotherapyHELP -- Designed To Meet Your Needs:

Deep Feeling Therapy: A powerful, tranformative process utilizing emotional release and cognitive therapy that allows for the full expression, integration, and healing of buried, repressed emotional pain in a soundproof environment. Deep Feeling Therapy is excellent for those who are highly motivated to explore and work their buried feelings through crying and sound expression.

Telephone Therapy: No matter where you live or what your schedule is, Telephone Therapy brings the expertise and supportive voice of Dr. Paul Hannig to you in the privacy and comfort of your own surroundings.

The Love Program: It's never too late to learn!! No matter what stage your relationship is in, the Love Program will teach you basic relationship fundamentals and proven intimacy strengthening strategies to take your relationship to unbelievable heights of closeness, intimacy, understanding, and fun.

Psycho-Spiritual Therapy and the Power of Prayer: Prayer and meditation has proved to be an undisputed and tremendous healing force in therapy, counseling, and coaching. Check out my new Media Programs as a source of new learning, healing meditation, and profound prayer.

Beyond Heaven: A program designed to uplift spirit and integrate your Sephirot (Divine Attributes) and chakra energy centers in music, feeling and meditation while "celebrating and experiencing the light of Divine Spirit coming through".

Life Coaching: Leadership and Excellence training for sports, business, and relationships. Success is a state of mind and a way of being. Establish goals, eliminate roadblocks, and actualize your potential to achieve what you want.

Brief Solution Oriented Therapy: Cognitve therapy designed to find answers to the question "Why is this happening?" and establish an immediate course of action.