Founded in 2003, Pharad, LLC is developing innovative antenna and wireless technology primarily for government and commercial customers. Pharad's antenna development efforts have been focused on difficult to engineer antennas for confined operational environments and very broadband applications. Another division of Pharad is developing RF Photonic transceiver products, specializing in very wideband, highly linear hybrid fiber radio technology that enables the fiber-optic remoting of radio signals up to 20 GHz via a single transceiver module. Octane was formed in 2007 as the brand by which derivative products can be sold as standard commercial-off-the-shelf products.

Pharad's world renowned technical team is developing enabling technology for today's advanced wireless communications systems. The concepts, technologies and antenna products developed by Pharad can be found in many present day wireless and communications products, from cellular phones, satellite communications links, to missile defense systems.

A key aspect of Pharad's unique solutions is the development of low profile, low cost antennas that operate at frequencies ranging from 0.1 to 67 GHz. Today's wireless communication services and applications require extremely broadband and multi-band antennas. The Pharad approach to solving these technical issues is based upon innovative printed antenna and circuit technologies that Pharad's premier technologists have developed and refined over the last decade.

Pharad's ultra broadband antenna technologies are complemented by proprietary wireless network architecture, system and subsystem designs that enable a cost effective approach to the deployment of ultra broadband wireless links. These networks are based on a wireless network architecture in which broadband radio signals are distributed over optical fiber.