Pharaoh Athletics is an established research and development company bringing the power and value of a brand together with technology and style through high quality sports apparel. The company has a wide range of high quality branded clothing items that are in high demand by sportsmen and athletes that has seen some considerable success in recent years.

With 15 years of experience the founder of Pharaoh Athletics has grown a company that has proven itself as a preferred retailer of sports apparel gaining a large and growing customer base and demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the market at the same time. Innovation combined with outstanding customer service and astute business sense have been the reasons for success.

Above all Pharaoh Athletics are innovators of sports clothing and footwear aspiring to become the Apple of the sports apparel industry worldwide. The Motion Controlled Footwear range is a result of this and the footwear needs to be prototyped and eventually taken to market.

Company History

In 2011, while working for a well established retail electronic company the founder walked two miles back and forth to work. It was then, a brilliant idea spawn to life for a special shoe to provide better support, stability, and to propel the body forward. After several attempts to start other businesses, the founder decided to focus 100% of the time on this new invention, so in 2013 Pharaoh Athletics was registered as an limited liability corporation. With a lack of knowledge about the shoe industry and startup funding the founder ran into problems. So, in 2016 Pharaoh Athletics decided to change course to finance the business  by producing apparel (t-shirts, hats) as a crowdfunding source.