Pharm East Inc. is a leading developer and producer of unique nutritional technologies for the dietary supplement industry worldwide.

Since 1996, Pharm East Inc. has been developing and manufacturing patented, proprietary formulations. Pharm East searches all over the world to find the most effective remedies for optimum health. At the Pharm East manufacturing facility, highly qualified professional continually monitor quality control at every level of processing, from herb selection, harvesting to processing.

Dr. Rulin Xiu is dedicated to finding and developing the most effective natural remedies to help people live longer and better lives.  Dr. Xiu has formulated some of the most popular and most efficacious health supplements on the market.

A native of China, Rulin Xiu attended UC Berkeley In1989 where she studied Physics, including String Theory and Grand Unification Theory, earning her doctor degree in 1994. Fascinated with Chinese and Tibetan herbal medicine since childhood, Dr. Xiu has dedicated herself to the study of natural alternatives to manage common health problems

Dr. Xiu is committed to combining science and traditional medicines in the formulation of the most effective natural remedies to help people live richer,  healthier lives.