Fusing art, engineering, design and technology, Phase One Systems looks to redefine the home computing experience from desktop computers to home theatre computers and gaming systems. We aim to deliver only the best computers available worldwide; machined and built from the ground up in England by a small and highly dedicated team whose sole goal is to push the envelope of home computing to show what can be done when contemporary art is melded with industrial design and the best manufacturing techniques available.

Founded in 2012, we have prototyped, tested, refined and obsessed over even the tiniest of details to produce what we believe to be some of the finest computers available worldwide.

Every detail is meticulously crafted to optimise performance and design. Built to tolerances rarely heard of in the computer industry. Machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminum, utilising a true single-piece construction, our cases are elevated to works of art designed to contain only the best componentry available.

Our mission is simple; we set out to create the most beautifully designed pc’s, utilising only the best componentry in the industry. We are a mix of designers, artists and engineers here to take forward an industry perceived by many as stagnating. We are determined to demonstrate what can be done when you don’t do the safe thing and instead do something revolutionary. Phase One Systems is here to do just that.