We are a humble family owned and operated Christian business – We want you to know that when purchasing our products you aren't sending your hard earned money to a large conglomerated corporation (who supports who knows what).  We are proud to provide handmade natural soap, shampoo, cosmetics, deodorants and many other bath and body products.  Our natural soap is made using the cold-process method; each soap batch being made by hand with natural vegetable oils and the best quality ingredients with integrity and hard work.   Our natural soaps contain natural ingredients and never contain pre-manufactured soap products.  You will not find any harmful and toxic chemical preservatives, emulsifiers, or the like in any of our handmade natural soap products.  Rest assure that each product you purchase from us, will be handmade and packaged with your health in mind.  We feel at Pure Hearts and Clean Hands Soap Co. that today we use far too many chemically engineered products that are not properly, or ever will be, tested to ensure that they are not harmful to our well-being.  We have created all of our natural soap and other products in an attempt to offer you, the consumer, with a healthier and more environmentally conscious product, “Where you can afford to go natural”.