PHCP Incorporated has been in business since 2004 in this particular business model of contract manufacturing and filling.  The core competency if this company is the development and manufacture hair, body and skin care products. The owner and founder is Mr. Gerd Schwarzkopf, and the President and General Manger is Heidi Schwarzkopf.
PHCP Incorporated manufactures on contracts for brands and for private label and currently has customers in Canada and the United States.   The products range from medium to high end skin care, hand soaps, body washes, shampoos, conditioners, creams and lotions to hair colour and developer. In addition to personal care, they make fine fabric washes, and are currently developing pet grooming products.
PHCP can do as little or as much as their customers require: from "manufacture and fill" to full turnkey. Their aim is remove the headaches from their customers: Set realistic and achievable ship dates, and stick to them. Their team is a powerhouse when it comes to leveraging relationships with suppliers to get the best prices and service.  
Product development plays a significant role in the company’s ability to differentiate itself from other contract fillers, and to that end, they have developed an R & D capability with a dedicated chemist and technical team who concentrate on new product development for their customers.
Their Mississauga facility can handle liquid, cream and gel filling. Runs start at 5000 pieces to unlimited numbers. Some lines are dedicated to particular products and these run on 1 shift 5 days a week,  and others can change over as many as three times in one day, depending on the products to be run. Centrally located in Ontario, Canada, PHCP is positioned well to deliver all over North America.
Customers rely on their flexibility to make smaller runs. They are drawn to this facility specifically because of their ability to respond quickly to their needs, and their capabilities in terms of controlling quality and providing a consistent product. PHCP Incorporated is now licensed by Health Canada's Natural Health Products Directorate to manufacture, package and label designate Natural Health Products with NPN numbers.
Gerd Schwarzkopf, the owner and founder, has over fifty years of experience in the hair products industry.  He carried on from his father who brought the hair products business to Canada from Germany in 1951.  Gerd’s grandfather started the family in the hair products business in 1898.
Heidi Schwarzkopf, Gerd’s daughter (and now the fourth generation), has worked in the family business since 1991.  She has worked in every department and learned every aspect of the business from the shop floor through accounting, operations, HR and general management.  Heidi earned an MBA in the Executive program at the Richard Ivey School of Business in 2009.  She and Gerd developed an integrated succession plan to allow Heidi to become President and General Manager and to allow Gerd to continue as advisor and mentor, and be able to take more time off.  Heidi has over 20 years experience in HR and various Management roles working for the family business and in other industries. Heidi worked in a supporting role for many years, gradually taking on more responsibility and has successfully developed a team based organization and culture and aims to continue in this direction.