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Orloff A. Phillips     , Regional Director
An Authorized Delivery Partner
SBT Partners
Tele: 215-253-7628
Email: Orloff.Phillips@sbtpartners.com

Introducing SBT Partners to the Philadelphia Metro Area Small Business Community
Small businesses are aware that investment in information technology is fundamental to their success. Even in the best of times, however, it is difficult to divert precious capital from their core business into the development of a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to sustain growth. Many have looked into the outsourcing of basic IT services to a managed service provider (MSP) as a means to expand capacity, reduce costs, and ensure that their critical systems and information is secure.
Managed services is the practice of transferring day-to-day management responsibility to a trusted partner. It is strategy that is not well understood by many small businesses. Many small businesses that have adopted a managed services strategy have not yet realized its benefits most often because false expectations were set and services were mismanaged.
SBT Partners, a managed services integrator now serving the Philadelphia area, offers an evolutionary model focusing exclusively on small businesses, a segment that is often neglected by the largest and most successful managed service providers.  Their strategy is not unique in terms of the services provided, but SBT Partners is different in the way they plan, implement, support, and price their services. Their engagement model was adopted and proven by a Boston-based Valued Added Reseller (VAR), Managed Technology Partners (MTP), and refined by SBT Partners.
Orloff Phillips, who is an SBT Partners’ Regional Director, has over 17 years of Information Techology experience. He has hands-on experience with tech support, help desk support, and network projects at non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and with small to mid-size businesses. Additionally, Orloff has extenstive experience with MS office suites, exchange application, and email management. As a result of Orloff’s vast knowledge base, he has developed several search engine applications and techniques, implemented and managed routers, switches, and networking systems.  His skills also expand into the areas of  configuring and managing anti-virus and spyware applications services. His advanced training in project management and systems management, position him to crediably and adequately engage small businesses in dialogue regarding managed services. According to Orloff, “I believe the IT solutions that we offer are efficient, reduce downtime, and increase productivity at an affordable cost. We can provide high quality managed services that will cost small businesses a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee.”  
The ability to offer managed services through a network of already proven providers that currently focus only on large businesses is a key differentiator between SBT Partners and its MSP competition. Bringing the economies of scale and expansive services provided by proven partners as a managed services integrator (MSI), as opposed to building a costly internal data and support center, allows for service delivery at a competitive cost and service level that is truly unique.
SBT Partners Competitive Advantage Summary
•     SBT Partners’ vision favors investment in partnering rather than selling products, projects, or services tied to a self-developed costly support center infrastructure.
•     We partner with large managed services providers, with state-of-the-art infrastructures and IT solutions already proven and time tested by large accounts, but are not available directly to small businesses.
•     As a managed services integrator and consultant, we focus on the management and alignment of client services and offer solutions that are bundled specifically for small businesses serving as the client’s partner and single point of contact.
•     Because of our agreements with our partners, a client can terminate services on 30 day notice if SBT Partners does not satisfy the commitments made within the negotiated service level agreement (SLA).

SBT Partners will provide its clients with an honest and detailed assessment of their current IT environment versus our managed services integration solutions based on accepted industry cost comparison metrics.  “We have a proven model that will not only increase IT operational efficiency but save money over available IT service delivery alternatives.”

To learn more about SBT Partners please visit www.sbtpartners.com