Motivated by the history of Cricket in the country and more specifically, Philadelphia, "The Philadelphians Cricket LLC" went through a rigorous application/vetting process, before being awarded the exclusive ownership of Philadelphia’s Minor League Cricket franchise, “The Philadelphians” until 2027 with the right of first refusal at the end of the contract period. This is a testament to the ownership group’s combined skills in cricket, sports management, community engagement and entrepreneurship.

https://www.usacricket.org/media-release/minor-league-cricket-announces-franchise-owners-and-draft-update/ )  

We strongly believe that at this juncture, we are barely scratching the surface of the game’s potential and have a unique opportunity to grow the sport together in the United States and more specifically in the North East including PA, DE, NJ, NY.

Some of our goals are to:
• Partner with schools and colleges in the region to increase awareness and develop interests in the youth
• Build Philadelphia's first fully functional Cricket Stadium and establish an academy with high quality infrastructure and coaching staff
• Partner with local businesses and increase value proposition by providing new consumer avenues via cricket
• Use cricket as a medium to create a local grass-roots movement in the community to provide support to local causes
• Most importantly, increase fanbase and viewership of the sport in and around PA through gameday tickets as well as TV telecast across streaming channels available at national and international levels.