PhillyPhanatics.com launched in September 2010, a product of summer discussions between high school friends in the early ESPN era - Eric Fisher, a Philadelphia-area sportswriter and newspaper editor - and Ron Opher, a local attorney, entrepreneur, philanthropist and sports enthusiast.

PhillyPhanatics.com takes the best that digital media has to offer, and weaves elements of "old-school" sports journalism found in the great sports newspaper columns of the past with video and audio which was once the exclusive domain of broadcast outlets, and interactivity with Philadelphia sports fans - who are among the most passionate and knowledgeable fans that we have ever encountered.

Recurring features include:

First and 10 - a quick look at 10 sports stories in the news
Number of the day
Top 10 List
Coverage of local pro and college sports teams
Coverage of major professional sports leagues
Columns - including Fish 'n Chips by Eric Fisher, From Where I SIt by Ron Opher and Philly Filly by Joan Dowlin
Feature stories - including Philly Sports Philanthropy, interview with ESPN founder Bill Rasmussen and many more!

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Philly sports
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Philadelphia fans