Spells Writing Lab is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to develop the creative and expository writing abilities of school-age children and awaken a lifelong love of writing by providing free writing programs and teacher development opportunities throughout the greater Philadelphia area.

Spells is located at 2526 N. Alder Street, within the Village of Arts and Humanities complex in North Philadelphia. We offer fun-filled free writing workshops and after-school tutoring for a diverse mix of kids and teens from the surrounding community. Spells also partners with bookstores and non-profit organizations such as Head House Books, the Painted Bride Art Center, and the Mural Arts Program to offer unique writing opportunities for children in other neighborhoods of Philadelphia.

Spells Writing Lab is also a dynamic resource for the region’s education professionals, providing a space for them to share teaching ideas and philosophies. We plan to become accredited as a source of continuing education credits, and will work with teachers to help them effectively integrate our teaching methods into their classrooms. In addition, Spells volunteers help local schools establish ongoing newspaper programs, extracurricular writing workshops, and dedicated writing rooms.