"Philsoft Technologies Group Inc." is an ICT company, which provides the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) requirements of corporations and individual clients. Our skills qualify us to design and produce whole applications from idea to post-installation training. We are a committed team of developers that works with you every step of the way to see your project through successfully: from design and development to deployment and support. We want our clients to exploit the full potential of their computing resources.
Philsoft Technologies Group Inc. as a business name, is a 100% Filipino-owned company registered at SEC – Security and Exchange Commission (Republic of the Philippines).
Philsoft is the top of mind software powerhouse when it comes to customized software development for small, medium and large scale businesses. The Company's other major activities are assembly and distributions of computer hardware as integrator, distribution of software in business systems application and supply computer information peripherals, design web page, database management, integrator of network installation and other integrated business systems services.
You are always welcome at Philsoft Technologies Group Inc. If you own a small, medium and large scaled business or in the process of building one and you want to improve your performance, we are here for you. Our company provides a wide range of computer solutions for your business. Here you can find quick and affordable solutions to your information system problems.
We are a network of IT Professionals whose proficiency range from Customized Software Development, Consultancy, Hardware Setup, Web Page Design and Publishing, Software and Hardware Maintenance and Upgrades, LAN, Internet Setup and Administration and still expanding. We act as one-stop shop in Information and Communication Technology.
We accept complete or partial works in any field of expertise as mentioned above. Our growth over the years has resulted from client referrals and relationships, as well as by word of mouth. Because we design and develop all of our products, we can offer cost-effective customization to address all of their unique business requirements.
We are confident that we can meet our clients' requirements of selecting an organization that will provide them with the necessary technology, solutions and support to meet their growing needs. We realize that they are not only searching for a supplier, but a partner that understands their goals and is capable of fulfilling them effectively and efficiently.