We are based in Mallorca in the Balearic Islands in Spain and we work throughout Spain and Europe.

We are a group of writers, photographers, film makers, radio and television professionals, graphic designers, website builders, social media managers, event planners, marketing and advertising consultants, and public relations officers. Between us we can work in the Spanish, English, German, Catalan, Italian, French and Russian languages.

Phoenix Media Mallorca concept has developed over the past seven years on the island, and is continually developing and expanding its knowledge and collaborators.

PMM offers their services to businesses which seek to increase their clientele drawn from the international community on the island.

Collectively we work on a freelance basis with a variety of small and medium scale businesses in Mallorca: restaurants, tourist attractions, luxury home services, clubs, gyms, spas, the marine industry, real estate agencies, gestors, banks, financial advisors, interior designers, and property developers. Our satisfied clients often become new partners in our future projects. References can be provided on request.

PMM also works with virtually every media outlet in Mallorca: newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, and websites.

Representatives from PMM attend international business networking events on the island and we organise events for a variety of different subjects.

PMM also supports charities on the island, including Foundation Respiralia, UNICEF Mallorca, the Allen Graham Charity for Kidz, and Mediterannea NGO.

How does PMM work with its clients? Every client is different, and needs a unique approach to the work in hand. Each project is managed overall by Vicki McLeod and Mel Brett with the individual pieces of the work, depending on the client’s needs, being tasked to the members of our collective. The initial brief of a project is written and agreed with the client, and the budget and monthly goals set. The work is paid for monthly in advance. Client meetings can either be on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, depending on availability and convenience for the client. The meetings can either be via telephone, Skype, or face to face. Results and new goals are discussed on each agenda.

Why you should work with PMM:
Large pool of expertise to draw from
Creative and cost effective ideas designed specifically for your business
Wide network of contacts
Proven track record of results
Flexibility in approach