Having launched just four years ago, Denwa is already considered one of the UK's most successful suppliers of phone systems and BT packages with an engineering and installation team which serves the UK. 
Since its launch in 2006, Denwa has secured its place in the sector with a period of rapid expansion despite difficult trading times seen in the economic downturn. In adverse conditions, Denwa became one of the fastest growing telecoms suppliers specialising in telephone business solutions and from humble beginnings, now boasts a turnover in excess of £1.5 million with a payroll of 15 full time employees.

A leading player in the field, Denwa works with and invests in only the best brands and best products. Mitel and Avaya are two of the best systems on the market and combine this with their knowledge of new and emerging technologies including VOIP, Computer Telephony Integration and changes to call centre technology such as Interactive Voice Response and it is clear to see why businesses across the UK put their trust in Denwa.
With its head office based in Burnley Lancashire, Denwa is a business at the forefront of its sector with customer retention rates of 98% year on year. With 75% of its new business coming from online sales, it is evident that the superior customer service the business is so fiercely proud of is what ensures the customer base returns. 

The companies’ organic growth has been achieved with Director and Founder, Rob Scott at the helm. At just 27 years old, Rob has taken Denwa to another level with a united and focused team around him. Despite banks closing doors along the way, Rob has adapted his business blueprint to succeed, fully embracing the need for an effective online strategy, using website technology, domain names and key search word terms to maximise awareness and site traffic. 

Making an acute business decision before the recession hit, Rob recognised that not all businesses would require a new system or an upgrade when their focus was simply to get through the predicted difficult times ahead. As a direct result, Denwa also became a BT wholesaler with a focus on saving businesses money through their phone packages and it was this savvy business decision that ensured they rose from the recession stronger and which has elevated Denwa to the enviable position it holds now. 

Denwa doubled its turnover in 2009, Denwa has set itself further challenges for growth and expansion for 2011 with a business plan looking at 40-50% growth in revenue.