The Band Famous® (also known as Band Famous, The Band Famous™, and TBF) is the first band in the world to self-produce and self-release a debut album of complete improvisation in the form of an interactive app.
The Band Famous® is trademarked for in-app concerts of artistic and musical content.

The Band Famous® handles all video, audio, and photo production, and technology (web and apps).
We've been involved with several multimedia events through the years.

The Band Famous® provides free in-app concerts of artistic and musical content. Music group TBF (The Band Famous®) is the first band in the world to develop and deploy their own virtual venue and smart album.
We trademarked the #smartalbum because we made @TheBandFamous.

CEO Jacob Alexander Figueroa past projects include Mixed Media artworks; several self-curated Exhibits and public art installations as well as features in art shows including "Translucent Threads" at the Broadway Gallery in NYC, with many artworks published in prestigious NY Arts Magazine; Body Painting for musician and producer Paul Van Dyk, Benny Benassi, Summerset Music and Camping Festival, Sexapalooza, NY Fashion Week; Photography and portfolio development for several aspiring and successful models, with some photography being exhibited at FIMA in Montreal to over 75,000 art lovers in attendance; opening and running Karnak Gallery a multimedia public art venue in the heart of downtown Minneapolis; working under the pseudonym vw|NK (vwINK / VWInk Agency / Virtual Warrior Ink) for several prestigious clientele including Red Bull; pioneering X Fashion, a body paint fashion fusion with elements of saran wrap and aluminum foil among other reflective materials; and XTV, a media project with highlights including having the prestige and honor of photographing and interviewing Senator Amy Klobuchar, as well as media icon Bill Moyers.