Photo restoration services.

We are a well established and well reviewed photo restoration service. Restoring your favourite pictures and images.

By having your photo restoraed you are preserving an important part of your family history. Your family will have to continue on the memory for the next generation. If left un-restored the negative or picture could end up un-restorable and future generations won't have that vital visual link to their past. Don't leave it, act now. Make sure you get a second print and send a copy to a relative as a gift and a keep safe. If you are a Genealogist or Historian or just researching your family tree, or if you have any questions, drop us an email or give us a call for a fast, friendly repairs. Order your photo restoration today.


   *      We do not alter or harm your original photos or pictures
   *      You get to see a digital proof before you part with any money
   *      Get a free print with any restoration and print order
   *      You can get restorations made from negatives, slides or photos, colour or black and white
   *      When repaired your photos will be printed on Fuji Chrystal Archive Paper for 100 years fade resistance
   *      You can pay securely by PayPal
   *      We always provide you with fast, friendly photo restoration service

Neil Rhodes founder and owner has a BA (hons) Photography from Farnham Arts Institute in 1993 but considers himself to be self taught in technical aspects of photography and Photoshop.

For the last 14 years he has been working with Digital Cameras and Photoshop. Actively contributing towards the Genealogy networks, restoring the photographic records of family trees, photo restoration is a true passion. Neil's interests involve photographing insects and keeping up to date with technology and constantly developing his Photoshop skills.