JD Photo-Tools are service providers to the PCB, Electronic, BioMED, MEMS, Chemical Milling and Graphics Industries.

JD Photo-Tools is a business built on service. Indeed service has been at the core of the business since it first began supplying photography to the electronics industry more than twenty years ago. In those twenty years, we have developed from providing a traditional Photoplotting service for the printed circuit industry, to providing high quality photo-masks from the latest CAD systems using state-of-the-art plotting technology.

Our high resolution imaging services are ideal for both Film and Chrome photomasks. Our mask writers are capable of imaging at an incredible 128k dpi (the highest resolution raster imager in the world), and allow us to produce features on chrome plates down to 3um in size. The service philosophy promoted within the company allows us to produce these masks with incredible turnround times not seen before in the industry..

Our staff members are not only highly trained in their respective fields, such as PCB Scanning and CAD Conversions , but are all acutely aware of the importance of JD Photo-Tools’ service to customers, which shows through in a friendly ‘can-do’ attitude.

Whether it is because of the regular on-time deliveries, the highly skilled technical support, or the approach of the motivated positive staff, JD Photo-Tools’ customer loyalty confirms, "it’s all about service".