As fast as the medical establishment finds a promising solution to a problem, the hackers steal their way in. They hold the data hostage for a substantial ransom or sell the information on dark markets. Our company has solved these problems and more and done so without the need for huge budgets.
 Health histories have replaced social security numbers as the preferred target for hackers. PHR-Rescue is a program that helps the patient to take control of their medical data to gain safer, more accurate, and less costly health care. This is done with simple common-sense strategies coupled with sophisticated state-of-the-art technologies that protect the patients' privacy.
 Problems in the medical industry are wide-ranging, and the sector is hard at work inventing solutions. Interoperability, value-based care, physician burnout, privacy, and patient involvement are among the large problems to be solved. Of further concern are skyrocketing costs of compliance to regulations, prescription drug prices, and ever-increasing treatment fees.
 To solve these problems, the medical community is calling for “disruption” of the way that these problems are traditionally handled. PHR-Rescue life services are aimed at solving these problems without the huge costs involved in such an enterprise.
 Providers are spending millions of dollars to make their medical records system serviceable and attack-proof, we are able to provide a safe solution for one-hundredth of that cost. In fact, a single individual can avail themselves of the same effective service for a subscription of only $1.99 per month.
 The Coast Guard is spending millions of dollars to revamp their health records. Many organizations are proving that supplying personal health records helps to cut down on lost time, reduce the use of health facilities,  and save the time and inaccuracies that are intrinsic risks in the medical encounter.
  Companies that want to provide health services to their members find that the modest cost for the program can be easily borne. From a public relations point of view, such usage sets the company as an entity that cares about its' workers and provides for their welfare.