PhyberTech, LLC is an upcoming tech firm that was founded by 24 year old CEO & tech prodigy Pratik KC. They offer tech services ranging from web design & development to even on site IT corporate security training. Pratik’s vision for the company is a little greater than just tech however. It is no surprise that there are already a ton of existing tech companies out there that offer the services they do but PhyberTech aims to not only be a renowned tech firm but also a philanthropic group. They have vowed to donate a percentage of their profits from each project to a fund they have started to help spread the gift of tech globally. Some of the ideas they have include: funding tech classes and opportunities in lower socio-economic areas of the US & starting incubators and business accelerators for tech startups. Pratik believes the phrase that “technology is best when it brings people together” and he strives to have PhyberTech embody this philosophy.