Physical Therapy of Melissa’s mission is to advance our patients beyond their current limitations. Our experience, focused patient evaluation, and recovery planning combined with the latest evidence based medicine are a few reasons we invite to contact us for your physical therapy needs.

Why Physical Therapy?

Often when someone is in discomfort – no matter how minor the problem – a physical evaluation can quickly identify potential problems in order to formulate prevention treatment plans.  Our team works with each patient to help understand the problem and discuss options to create a recovery plan that works with their lifestyle and goals.

Here are a few areas where physical therapy can help:

increase and maintain muscle strength and endurance
restore and increase joint range of motion
increase coordination
decrease pain
control muscle spasms
decrease swelling and inflammation of joints
promote healing of soft tissue lesions
prevent contracture and deformity of limbs
alleviate walking problems
fall prevention strategies
educate patients and family
decrease stress
wellness and injury prevention