Centre for kinesitherapy and rehabilitation, equipped with high class physiotherapy equipment, in which we offer: professional attitude, individual approach, efficiency, calm atmosphere. We are located in a quiet and cozy place in the heart of the city, accessible for public and private transport. We strive to constantly expand our capabilities and competencies by attending physiotherapy courses and seminars in order to be able to offer you effective and modern methods and means of treatment in the field.


We consider the human body as a complete system, uniting a wide network of interdependent links between structural, biochemical and mental factors of health and disease.

We treat the disorders that occur in the body not at the local level, but in interaction with all structures in the body. Therefore, with us you can expect complete care, not just treatment of trauma.

Each case is approached individually. A therapeutic plan is prepared from physiotherapy procedures and rehabilitation or other therapeutic modalities such as: holistic therapy, Applied Kinesiology, Acupuncture and others. The average duration of a rehabilitation visit is one hour. At this time, we strive to get guidelines for work at home, which will speed up the process of returning to sports.