Phyzseek is a platform set up to develop and market highly differentiated mobile fitness apps featuring proprietary tools to motivate and measure outcomes as well as social and educational components to help a variety of people to get into the best shape of their lives for the rest of their lives. The initial Phyzseek app will be marketed to men and women age 35 plus that are experienced fitness buffs, which we call “everyday competitors”, that are driven and competitive. This demographic is familiar with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, a workout regimen primarily utilized by the Phyzseek app.  Many in our target market are currently members or are former members of a CrossFit gym. Many are “weekend warriors” that compete in Spartan and/or Tough Mudder races, participate in amateur sports, work out regularly at a gym and/or compete in Tri-Athlons at various levels. Future apps will be designed to work with other demographics within the fitness market, e.g. beginners, kids and special population groups like obese individuals and diabetics.

As everyday competitors Physzeek’s target market often competes in various types of races or athletic events or just likes to know they are better than their peers. Therefore, they want to be pushed to improve their fitness levels. Using proprietary algorithms, Phyzseek is the only fitness app that has a series of features, like the Pacer, that encourage users to push themselves when working out alone, compare their fitness level to other users and compete with other users. These distinctive motivators will help Phyzseek users to achieve their fitness goals and enjoy the best health of their lives.

Phyzseek’s unique tactics to motivate its users are also designed to be engaging, social, and interactive. The competitive tendencies of our target market makes them social by nature and they often seek to interact with and showoff to their peers using their mobile devices to email or text, or through social media like Facebook or Instagram.  The social features built into the App are intended to enhance the user experience through creating a cohesive on-line fitness community which will help to build brand equity and further help to market Phyzseek to the target demographic. For example Phyzseek members have the ability to create a PhyzTeam* which allows them to invite new users to join their “team”. This will encourage people to download the App to participate, therefore, will help expand the user base. Users can also brag about their accomplishments through Phyzseek’s instant access “brag board” where the user can text with their PhyzTeam*, post pictures to Instagram or update their Facebook page. The social and motivational features embedded within the App will resonate with our target market enticing them to become paying subscribers. We also believe that once the target market becomes hooked on the App, it will likely be quickly adopted by others within the cult-like community through viral marketing.

Fitness science has uncovered several keys to reaching optimum fitness in shorter training periods while at the same time making significant improvements in an individual’s overall health. Using these science-based methods, Phyzseek designs all its workouts to be the most effective and efficient in the industry. Not only can Phyzseek claim that its fitness concept is endorsed by a doctor, it can claim that it is developed by a doctor. By researching and applying proven methods of fitness training based on the latest in exercise science, exercise physiology and kinesiology, Dr. Eric Ende, Phyzseek’s co-founder, has carefully constructed the App to educate, motivate and safely transform an individual’s physiology to burn more fat, increase energy & endurance, build lean muscle mass, metabolize glucose better and boost hormones & insulin reception.  This unique assertion will help set Phyzseek apart from the multitude of other fitness Apps on the market.

Additionally, enhancing and maintaining an individual’s long-term function or otherwise known as functional longevity is a key attribute offered by Phyzseek. Phyzseek workouts help aging “athletes” maintain their strength, coordination, balance and overall dexterity, allowing them to enjoy their favorite physical activities later in life and to help prevent injuries caused by activities like skiing, tennis, golf or even yard work. When it comes to functional longevity Phyzseek’s motto is Compete for Today, Train for Tomorrow.