*Enjoy an endless library of interactive story books for children that are great for read-along at bedtime
*Improve your child’s reading skills and teach them about the world!
*Fun, exciting stories and the tools to help improve your child’s education!

Education doesn’t have to be boring. It should be fun! Pickatale was made to improve children’s reading skills, to help them learn about animals, cultures, historical figures and more, and to have fun learning through reading storybooks. We currently have 160+ interactive stories in English!

How do we help children read and learn?

-Little ones can follow the book’s narration with highlighted words, and practice their reading.  
-Curious ones can click on different objects and words to find out what they are!
-Big kids can read all about Benjamin Franklin, Amelia Earhart, Christopher Columbus and more!
-Parents can join the fun during story time with tons of classic fairytales and our own original stories!

Oh, and we release 2 new books every week!  

Our books are available in a whole bunch of languages, with even more coming soon!  
- English  
- Chinese
- Norwegian
- Swedish

- Our never-ending library guarantees there will always be something new to read  
- Gorgeous and playful illustrations
- Read-a-long narration with captivating voices and highlighted words
- Engage young minds with e-book features that really get the most out of your iPad, while still keeping the "real book feel”
- Touch objects and words to see and hear them

A ton of books with a huge range of exciting stories:  
- Magic, Dragons, & Princesses  
- Adventurers, Explorers, & Inventors
- Trains, Planes, & Cars
- Lions, Tigers, & Bears  
- Astronauts, Pirates, & Pioneers  
- Fish, Birds & Sharks
- And much more!

- FREE sample books
- Fully interactive pages
- Clickable text 
- Young learners can review troublesome words one at a time 
- Touch-to-hear pictures  

- Let the littlest children hear their favorite stories whenever they like  

Read to Me:  
- Children will have time to discover the different objects and then turn the page when they're ready  

Read Myself:  
- This is best for older kids (aged 4 to 8) who can practice reading all by themselves  
- Ideal for bedtime reading when mom and dad want to inspire their children's imagination