My partner and I started PICKSTHATMAKECENTS with one purpose in mind:  To give people penny stock picks that make money.  Giving you REALISTIC stock picks without the promoted "pump and dump" like every penny stock website on the internet today.   We were tired of getting emails from the stock promoters on stocks that went nowhere.  Better yet, the picks they touted as being the biggest gainers, all had one thing in common: they “blew-up” 10 minutes at the opening bell and pulled back the remainder of the day.  Making it extremely difficult to get IN the stock, and if you did get in, it was even more difficult to get OUT with a profit.

Our strategy is uniquely different.  We have several styles of picks that we will share with you. We are best know for the accuracy of our picks.  We tell you what they are, when to enter, and let you grab a piece on the way up!  We are not promising unrealistic gains, but we are looking to make sizeable profits on every trade.  Using our PICKSTHATMAKECENTS software, we are able to calculate an entry point so you know exactly when to get into the stock. So all you have to do is set an alert, buy the stock, and watch your profits soar.  Quick, easy, profitable trades is what PICKSTHATMAKECENTS is all about.

When you list multiple swing trades how do I know which one is the best?

We list multiple swing trades to diversify overnight holdings. If we have 3 and one goes up 20%, one goes up 4%, and one didn't move you will be able to exit at 8:30 in the morning with profit. We design our swing trades for people that have accounts less than $25,000. Since they can not day trade we do our best to select picks that they can enter from 2:00-2:30 and exit sometime the next day. We try our best to find picks that we think will gap before the bell.

There are times that I see momentum trades that don't make the swing trades at 3:00 (EST), why is that?

We use the technology we have created, along with technical indicators, and a patented software to decide the trades that have the highest probability of hitting in the morning. We try to pick stocks that will run the remainder of the day and may have high buying pressure in the afternoon. Sometimes the momentum alerts are too over extended to make the swing trades.

You have mentioned that you don't promote stocks, yet sometimes you have a promoted stock listed, what's the reason for that?

There are instances from time to time that promoted stocks will meet all of the requirements and check out using our system. When this happens we put the stocks on our site since our trades are not designed to hold for long periods of time. We usually add notes that say "This is a promoted stock so keep your hand on the trigger."

I have been using this site daily now for 3 months, when do I have to start paying?

To provide the highest level of customer service and get the most feedback we are allowing 2,000 members to sign up and use our service. We are currently running a BETA service free for a limited time. We have received great feed back and will continue to allow you to use it free until we have 2,000 members.

What makes your momentum trades, and picks better than other sites?

For starters we do not send out momentum alerts daily. We are very selective in the momentum trades we send out. They are designed for a quick profit. We don't preach 200% - 300% gains like most penny sites and news letters. What we preach is making quick profits, (5-10% or $.02) on your momentum trades and then consider exiting. Our other picks are better because they are not designed to buy and hold. You should typically only hold our picks for 24 hours MAX. As we mentioned before they are not promoted, they are accurate, we give entry points, we pick liquid stocks, we give a non-bias opinion, and have designed a system for QUICK money.

And the #1 reason is because we don't purchase shares to manipulate the price.

We trade with our members, we don't unload our stocks on them!