Picky™ started with the idea that text reviews are an untrustworthy source for consumer information and review companies shouldn’t be in control of the reviews you read. Designed to allow the average person to express their opinion on products and places with video, instead of spending valuable time typing text reviews, Picky™ offers a convenient, quick and social way to engage and verify consumer reviews.

Built from the ground up to host the most reliable consumer information possible, Picky™ only accepts video reviews where people have visually proven they are in possession of the product or at the place which is being reviewed. Visual proof removes the doubt and uncertainty you feel when reading a text review and verifies the fact that Picky™ reviewers are indeed real consumers. If a Picky™ review doesn’t show evidence of the subject matter, then the community flags it for removal. Picky™ provides the most reliable consumer information possible so their source must come from a verified consumer.

Link to the app store: http://appsto.re/us/q9842.i  
Link to website: https://picky.co