The picNiche website has been providing stock photo market analysis and firefox plugins for both microstock contributors and image licensors since 2008.

The picNiche toolbars are in use by a few thousand content producers and people looking for microstock images to license. The website analyses stock photo ideas to estimate how much demand there is for images in various topics. The suite of tools in the browser plugins include not only image-search, but project management and bookmarking, image keywording and upload, and workflow improvements for the most popular microstock image-licensing agencies.

Recent additions to the picNiche network include the following

Picz.us is a URL shortener designed to expose the microstock market via links shared on social media sites (in partnership with StockPhotoPress).

StockPhotoFeeds.com offers image-buyers the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds of the newest images available on the largest microstock agencies.

The Ultimate Free Stock photo Finder addon for firefox makes it easy to find images usable for free, right in the normal firefox browser search bar.