Picture Frames Framing - Press Release

Contact:  Brian Taylor
Phone:     (888) 771-7470
Email:     BT@PictureFramesFraming.com
Site:     www.PictureFramesFraming.com

One of the oldest picture framing companies in the Pacific Northwest has expanded into online sales of custom picture framing.  PictureFramesFraming.com is the keyword focused URL where buyers looking for high quality wood and metal solutions for their art and graphics can use an online studio to design their framing projects and the company custom cuts and joins the molding and mats and bundles it with backing, scuff pads and mounting wire and ships it to the client.   The final insertion of the artwork into the joined frame is performed by the customer who can enjoy savings of 50% to 70% over current retail pricing.

According to spokesman Brian Taylor there is a demand for higher end framing that is not being met with other online frame sources. “We knew from our retail stores that a large segment of our higher end customers were choosing the savings of doing some or all of the frame assembly themselves as long as they didn’t sacrifice quality.”  He added, “There are also clients, many who are artists, who prefer to have control of the final assembly themselves.  We provide direction for the assembly process, step by step, just like we do in our stores.”  

To begin the online process the customer is guided through our inventory where they make their selection of wood or metal molding for their project.  They then proceed to a design page where they enter the dimensions of their piece and make selections for single or multiple mats.  The design engine on the site displays a scaled color representation of their finished frame and mats in real time.  They can compare as many color combinations as they like until they find the right one.   They then specify types of glazing and backing for their piece.   Upon payment by credit card or electronic bank check our technicians cut all components.  Frames corners are professionally joined and mats are fitted and then packaged with glazing, hanging hardware and shipped.  Upon receipt of their frame the customer inserts their art and applies the backing and hanging hardware.   “Most people don’t realize that their frame corners are already joined.  We provide detailed instructions with each project, and there is a “Show Me How” video posted on our website.”    

He explained that the components available through the website are the same high quality offered in their retail stores.  The large selection of wood and metal moldings is comprised of the top sellers from the catalogs of both domestic and international manufacturers, many requiring meticulous handwork and finishing.   Matting is another essential for quality framing.  We provide choices of matting materials and explain the elements of color, widths, reveals and “weighting” to enhance each image.   According to Taylor there are popular styles that stand the test of time and designs that follow trends.  “Our best indicator of market trends is based on what is selling day to day in our retail operation.   We also follow trade events and learn from contacts within the industry.  “You get to know most of the players after 40 years.  Our key is to remain price competitive and offer the most popular styles.  It seems to work…we’ve been doing this a long time.”