Pilates On Fifth is renowned for delivering an exceptional Pilates workout to each and every one of our clients. When owners Kimberly and Katherine Corp opened Pilates on Fifth in 2000, they knew they wanted to create a Pilates studio that offered clients the very best possible Pilates experience… the best of Pilates NYC!. The Corp sisters wanted everything about Pilates On Fifth--from the instructors to the equipment to the studio space itself--to be superior. The space itself is welcoming, spacious and sunny. While other Pilates studios may be located in a basement or small space with very little light, our Pilates studio occupies close to 5,500 square feet in the penthouse of a landmark building in midtown NYC and takes up almost 5,500 square feet. It’s like doing your Pilates workout in a mini-oasis! We've filled this terrific space with the best possible Pilates machines, cardio equipment, Pilates rebounders, and small Pilates equipment. Come experience what Pilates NYC has to offer!

At Pilates on Fifth, we guarantee that you will get the best Pilates workout of any Pilates studio in Manhattan. While other Pilates studios may feature only Pilates equipment and Pilates machines, we’ve enhanced our Pilates NYC practice with fabulous cross-training modalities such as CARDIOLATES®, ActivCore®, BarSculpt™, GYROTONIC®, Tai Chi and Physical Therapy. To maintain the highest standards, even in mat Pilates classes, you will never be in a class with more than 12 people (max of 6 for reformer Pilates!).

What would your perfect workout be? Some of our clients want private Pilates featuring reformer Pilates or other equipment, others enjoy our Pilates classes, others our trademark Cardio Pilates system, CARDIOLATES®. Because Pilates On Fifth is headquarters of one the best New York City Pilates instructor training programs, our Pilates instructors are well-equipped to deliver the best Pilates workout to suit each individual’s unique needs. We offer over 90 classes weekly, including mat Pilates classes, reformer Pilates classes, CARDIOLATES® (Cardio Pilates), BarSculpt™, GYROTONIC®, Tai Chi and “Blissful core”, new pilates yoga fusion classes. For those seeking a more personalized experience, we offer private pilates, CARDIOLATES®, or ActivCore personal training sessions Monday through Friday, from 6:30am to 9pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 3pm.

Pilates on Fifth has always taken a unique approach to Pilates, and we believe that Pilates is the ultimate cross-training program. The Pilates instructors who graduate from our New York City Pilates Instructor Training Program, the Pilates Academy International, understand the unique benefits of Pilates, and, more importantly, how to teach Pilates for Pilates privates, Pilates classes and reformer Pilates. Similarly, our Pilates instructors who also teach CARDIOLATES® (Cardio Pilates), ActivCore®, BarSculpt™, GYROTONIC®, or Pilates yoga fusion classes have completed rigorous training in their respective fields. At Pilates on Fifth and our New York City Pilates Instructor Training program, we keep the quality very high and maintain our unique approach, gearing Pilates toward the real world.
How did we come to start Pilates and develop a tremendous respect for the power of daily Pilates workouts? The journey towards this passion which culminate in the opening of our New York Pilates studio in 2000 actually started in 1997 while we were on tour with a world-renowned magician. At that time, we were not only transitioning from four years in corporate Japan to a full time dancing career, but also pushing our bodies beyond their capabilities to perform stunt work AND cram our 5’8” frames into boxes and props that were built for shorter ladies… OUCH!! Never before had our bodies taken such a beating! But Pilates saved us! Our daily Pilates workouts helped iron out the stiffness gained from four years sitting at desks and restored symmetry to our battered frames, freeing us from the aches and pains of our demanding new jobs. More than that, Pilates, including both mat Pilates workouts and Pilates Reformer exercises, alleviated stress like no other exercise system we had ever practiced. We continued Pilates as Radio City Rockettes, and never missed a show out of nearly 250 performances. Thus, after we hung up our tap shoes and finished our masters degrees at Columbia University, we decided to open a New York Pilates studio right in the center of Manhattan. Because we had enjoyed such remarkable results with our initial Pilates training, we were determined to create in our own New York Pilates studio a warm, welcoming and compassionate atmosphere in which we could deliver great Pilates workouts. Now, ten years later, we are so happy that we took the first step!
Pilates Teacher Training, CARDIOLATES® (Pilates rebounder program) and Pilates Online Workouts!


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