Pilot Partner Logbook is a complete Electronic Pilot Logbook system designed for General Aviation.  It works by storing your data in the Cloud which enables all of your data to be accessible from any device without the need to complex synchronization.  It has been described as, “Magic” by some users.

Pilot Partner enables users to:

Track Flights Electronically
Track Flight Totals
Track Flight Currency
Run Reports
Capture Electronic Signatures from Certified Flight Instructors
Track Endorsements with Electronic Signatures or take pictures of existing endorsements from a paper logbook.
CFI Dashboard

Pilot Partner offers a comprehensive tool kit for Certified Flight Instructors called the CFI Dashboard.  The CFI Dashboard allows CFIs to link their logbook to their student’s logbook to the instructors logbook.  This gives the CFI full access to view the student’s logbook after the student has gone home.

A CFI can do the Following:
View the Student’s logbook at any time
View Student’s Total Time
View Student’s Endorsements
Electronically Sign Flights with a PIN #
Write long and detailed remarks for each flight
Automatically update the CFI’s Logbook with the instructional flights performed
Track Progress through the Aviation Training Dashboard
Invoice a Student and Collect Payments with a Credit Card