PIMOSH Publishing Company was established in Fort Mill, SC (2004), Co-founded by Pierre S Reddick and Monet S Byrd.

People Involved in Motivating Our Students Higher, the acronym for PIMOSH was kept as the outcome remained the same - To produce age-appropriate (all ages) academics, books, movies, music, technology, tutorials, videos, and whatever is next for urban kids and their families..

The Publishing Company was created as a spin-off of PIMOSH Network (Tutorial & Academic Mentoring) and intended for The Crunch Bunch (Performing Arts Troop) to produce age-appropriate and original music for children.

PIMOSH, more of a philosophy than a place or location is in the business of activating the motivation within our children, teens, and young adults by modeling and teaching them how to do the same for elders.   These doors, wherever they are must be safe for folks from 1-101.
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Patrina Reddick continues to spear-head the little production company that could.  According to Ms. Reddick, "f you follow the leading and voice of the young you will never grow old."  It's time to keep the entire village accountable, one child/family at a time.

Check out some of what's available through the PIMOSH Publishing Company Catalog:  has produced the following projects, many of which are available through any FREE Public Libraries across the country:

1. Luvin' My Numbers (Music CD & Books
2. Luvin' Language Arts (Music CD & Books
3. A Christmas Letter (Holiday Album)
4. Sweatn' with Crunch Bunch (Exercise DVD, Soundtrack & Workbook)
5. Kulinary Kwick Meals 4 Kids (Healthy Snacks Recipe & Workbook)
6. Luvin' My HIstory (Black History Documentary, Soundtrack & Book)
7. Adventure's of Little Suzie (Audio Book)

PIMOSH has been featured in a number of publications and radio, including, but not limited to the following:

Home Front Magazine, Healthy Montana Magazine, Smother Magazine, Metro Kids Magazine, Modern Dad TV (Australia), many national and international radio shows, and Patrina Reddick, MSW, and Program Director has been featured in the Radio & TV Interview report twice and was nominated for 2011 and 2012 City of Charlotte Mayor's Mentor of the Year.