Pink is in the middle of upscale ASU student housing at Vista del Sol in Tempe Arizona. Pink feels like NYC with residence living on top of and across the business.
Being  at ASU, Pink has more clientelle that are out of state than in. Pink has clientelle literally from all over the World. Hong Kong, Dubai, Russia, to Brazille!
The first Salon to have American Hairdressers with blending Asian Nail Technicians.
Most of Pink's income is from student allowances (Thank you Parents!!)
Pink was built in 2009 with the crash of the economy. Where Pink is at Vista del Sol, you would never know there was an economic issue. Surrounding Pink is a pool of students whos parents can afford to send them, with out of State Tuition, $300.00 Jeans and  BMWs. Tan girls with beautiful well kept hair and nails. The co-eds  have a bigger beauty regime than most successful women in there 30's.
Featured as one of the top 20 Salons in the Nation in 2010, for Arcitecture and Design. by Salon Today Magazine.
Owned by local residence in Queen Creek, AZ. Troy and Teri Colby  created the concept and design for Pink. They have 4 kids, all are involved in the business at Pink.
MTV shot an episode of "Is she really going out with him?" at Pink the Salon. last July.
Teri has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years.
Pink is a place where a reality TV show could have so much fun. We always have something ironic happening at Pink. But we keep a clean tone. Intellegent Witt are some of the tools of Teri's staff. We love being original. We love making our clients part of the scene, and they are.
Truly, Pink is growing as a family Salon as well. When school break hits, and our students go away, we still have to pay bills. We love providing a place that is unique for all ages. Even the men enjoy great service, and plenty of beauty all around. We are growing with our residencial clientelle.