The Elevation Group: "taking you inside the secret "black box" investment strategies of the rich."  
What it’s really about is understanding how markets work and taking an entrepreneurial (visionary) approach to everything you do in life.

Do your homework and understand all the economic principles and factors at work, you will come to the startling realization that it’s not only possible...

You See, Despite What You Might Think,
This Is Not About Hording Shekels
Of Gold And Silver...

It’s about understanding that nature (your business, Google, Facebook, your cost per lead, your traffic sources, governments, society, history, civilization, the seasons, our bodies, etc) all operate in cycles.

This particular economic cycle we’re in just so happens to be the biggest cycle the world has seen in 6,000 years.

And my goal is for you to be profitable and in good shape 10 years from now, not just today or this year.

Some would say that things like quantitative easing, inflation, deflation and economic cycles cannot be explained without a lot of calculus.

It Starts With The Fact That In Bad
Times As Well As Good, Someone Is
Always Earning Lots Of Money

More Fortune 500 companies were started during recessions than at any other time and more people got rich during the great depression than at any other period in history.

Here’s the catch with the economy today.

Many people are afraid to get into business or investing because of the risk involved.

However, participation in this wealth cycle is not optional.

Everyone’s chips are on the table whether they realize it or not.

Most people don’t look at cash or currency as an investment vehicle the same way they do other assets.

When in fact...

Currencies Are Historically The
Riskiest Form Of Investment There Is!

If the Federal Reserve can print and print and print without sending the US dollar into hyperinflation they’ll have done what no government or bank has been able to do since the invention of currency. While they have become exceptionally skilled at manipulating the economy, they can’t beat gravity forever.

If you go back to the email I sent last week (you can find it posted on my facebook profile) comparing the prices of things from 1913 to today, you’ll see that a dollar today is worth about what $.04 was 95 years ago.

That’s a pretty poor ROI by anyone’s standards.

It’s very easy to see how one can actually go broke simply by doing nothing and keeping all your money in a savings account!

If you look at major corporations and wealthy individuals or families, they never hold the majority of their wealth in cash.

Of course, you need a reserve, an operating cashflow.

But they always dump as much as they can as fast as they can into assets that have REAL intrinsic value (not paper money that’s only worth what a bank says it’s worth).

In our current global economy, where the most common unit of exchange used to purchase things (the US dollar) is so massively overvalued, inflated and unstable, this creates wild fluctuations and imbalances in the prices of everything.

This is why the value of houses can now fluctuate like stocks.

We’re in a unique situation because this particular asset class (the dollar) sad to say, really forms the basis of society.

These imbalances, or pressurized tanks, will equal themselves out. But the longer governments and central banks try to patch over these imbalances and prevent
the free markets from correcting themselves (like repeated surgeries) the worse it gets and the more imbalanced it becomes.

Which means more profits for savvy investors and business owners in the know.

Now you can see why $56,000 an ounce gold is not only possible, but in some people’s opinion, conservative.

One of the best examples being the 1970s where you could have invested $20,633 into silver in 1971 and just 9 years later it would have been worth $770,796 (a 3,735% ROI).

And the only thing going on then to cause this was inflation – extremely MILD inflation at that compared to today.

Add on to that the other factors in the economy that Mike talks about in our “Great Wealth Transfer” presentation and you can get a pretty good picture of what’s going on (with more information coming soon).

It may sound hard to believe for someone coming across this information for the first time, but...

Right Now The US Dollar Is One Of The Most
OVERVALUED Assets In The World And Precious
Metals Are One Of The Most UNDERVALUED

It’s not a question of IF they will equal out, it’s just a question of WHEN.

What The Elevation Group is teaching is how to recognize and predict these cycles ahead of time so that you can position yourself to protect your wealth and multiply it no matter which way the market goes.

Go here now and don’t just watch the presentation, take notes.