PipApps is dedicated to producing fun and innovative ways of learning on Smart Phones. The Apps allow the user to Learn, Test and Measure their knowledge on a subject.

The first App range is called "7" and the first App is called BizSkills.
BizSkills presents the use with questions from the following categories; Leadership and Management, Communication and People, Project Management, Problems and Decisions, Accounting and Law, Buying and Selling, Technology.

Dashboard tells you how well you are doing in each of the 7 specialised categories.
Each tests consists of 21 questions, 3 questions per category.
Learn from your wrong questions, use the online reference to Youtube, Wikipedia and Google.
Quick question and answer selection.
Email your stats to your tutor or collegaue, or tweat your results on twitter
Set your own alerts to take a test any time you want.
Improve your business knowldge with in App updates direct to your iphone.