Pipevine, LLC is developing solutions to enable business professionals and employers to integrate data-driven reputation and character analytics into hiring, recruiting, career development, and talent management.

Our cornerstone solution, the Vouched app, empowers business professionals to use crowdsourced reputation analytics for job hunting and career advancement. By citing Vouched analytics, app users can stand out by citing crowdsourced feedback from the connections who have vouched for the eight “PRINCIPAL-Traits” most valued by employers: Professionalism, Integrity, Communication, Innovation, Adaptability, Leadership and Teamwork.

Unlike any other career tools, the Vouched app allows users to assign a strength to each of their professional connections as they ‘vouch’ for the top 4 character traits exhibited by each individual. This "Connection Strength" meter gives users the ability to segment their professional network by how closely they’re connected to each other. Connection strength is factored into the algorithm that reveals the recipient’s strongest character traits.