Pipipop® is a female intimate underwear thong (70% cotton / 30% nylon), with a build-in white silicone prosthesis, hypoallergenic and unscented, that allows women to make pipi standing-up, without having to remove your clothing. Pipipop® is reusable and can be hand or machine-washed as needed, and dried using warm tumble setting. Do not bleach, iron, or dry clean.

Pipipop® is designed for use anywhere, especially outdoors, during extended periods or limited access to sanitary/clean restroom facilities.

Pipipop® makes life easier for any woman outside the comfort of her home, providing the convenience to pipi during unexpected moments, and to safeguard against poor hygiene in public restrooms.  

Pipipop® is designed to empower women during unexpected moments, to include the following:
*Sports and outdoor activities: skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, camping, biking, golfing, jogging, running marathons...
*Travel: via automobile, motorcycle, bus, train, helicopter, and airplane...
*Leisure time: walk in the park, attending a concert, or fun night out dancing at the club...

Pipipop® comes in sealed airtight plastic bag, individual size (120 x 170 mm). The bag is reusable to keep your pipipop® clean or stored away for future use. The packaging was carefully designed for ease in traveling and for discrete storage in any purse or backpack. Pipipop® is intended for mature women between the ages of 17 and up. Pipipop® is not a sexual item and not intended for use by men.
Finding a comfortable and safe place for women to pipi away from home has been always a problem. Women are forced to adopt uncomfortable positions and have to pull down their pants or skirt up....very often in uncomfortable situations and unfamiliar places, while trying to keep balance, perhaps while wearing heels, or having to fold your pants to avoid getting them wet on the ground in unsanitary public restrooms. At a young age, we learn that is was better not to sit on public toilet seats. Women are often found in adverse and extreme situations that make it very difficult or even impossible to pipi comfortably like men do standing. With pipipop®, this won´t be a problem anymore, we have developed the solution to your needs. For use in public toilets, planes, trains, ships, buses, dance clubs, music concerts, hiking, mountain climbing, snow skiing, during a marathon, on road trips,...or any given moment for use during unexpected situations. It´s recommended for use during 4-6 hour periods, with a maximum of up to 10 hours, if necessary, while trying to keep your pipipop® as clean as possible. After every use, like we always do after pipiing, it´s better to dry the area with toilet paper or tissues. Pipipop® can be worn like an undergarment or carried in your purse, thanks to it´s airtight and discrete plastic bag, the same way we take feminine napkins. The estimated life of a pipipop® depends on how well it´s kept and washed. Being a intimate female undergarment, it can be used as many times as a panty or a thong, depending on how well is taken care of.