At PIQUE Health, we believe there is a difference between functional and optimal health. Our goal is to support your ability to not just function but thrive. We do this through proper recovery techniques and sustainable lifestyle modifications. With a well-rounded education and extensive experience in practice, Founder Dr. Nell Smircina and her team are well-versed and highly skilled in creating customized plans based on an individual’s goals.

Our patients at PIQUE are individuals, with different boundaries to healing and different lifestyles to accommodate their healing. We consider your unique wide-ranging personal factors and incorporate relevant services when designing your customized treatment plan.

Your experience will be influenced by our three main pillars: Performance, Lifestyle, Recovery

Through our work, we’ve learned people want to perform optimally in life. Health is important to you. You want to feel good, strong, able to focus and relax.

Think of us as your optimal performance facilitators. Utilizing various interventions appropriate for your lifestyle and proper recovery techniques, we help boost your performance. Whether that means maximizing mental stamina for heightened focus, or physical stamina to get you through the day without feeling burnt out, we’ll find the right intervention for you and your lifestyle. This synergistic focus allows you to be the hero of your own story.