Pivot Centers takes a contemporary view of the disease of addiction by offering its clients the “Pivot Experience”. The Pivot Experience combines successful substance abuse outcomes with a proprietary “Peace, Passion & Purpose” wellness curriculum, in an upscale waterfront facility with unmatched amenities.   We view substance abuse as a chronic disease, not a choice. While suffering from this disorder is nothing to be ashamed of, bad feelings, frustration, anger, damaged relationships, and poor health can result from the symptoms of untreated addiction and its associated behaviors.

Through our “Peace, Passion & Purpose” wellness curriculum, learning the skills to effectively manage the disease of addiction, while learning to live the life that you deserve is absolutely possible. You will turn your life around as you learn to manage and recover from the condition of addiction and its associated disorders.  At Pivot, we desire to not only make you sober but make you well, and give you the tools to live a long life of sobriety and one filled with Peace, Passion & Purpose.