About PixelCutLabs:

PixelCutLabs is a new app development company created by 14-year-old developer, Brennen Bliss. The company uses Apple's (APPL) newest technology and frameworks to develop beautifully designed and impressively user friendly applications for the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch. Utilizing Apple's iOS development software, Xcode, and Objective-C PixelCut's apps are made for five-star ratings and top ranks on the App Store. Even though I, Brennen Bliss am in school full time, I spend the 16 hours I am not in school developing every day.


PixelCutLabs is new to the marked and has developed one application, Energy Wattcher, that has maintained five-star review on the Apple App Store.


PixelCutLabs provides more than App Development. Aside from the Development of the app we provide advertisement, press releases, marketing pictures, design, and sales information.


PixelCutLabs is located in Dallas, Texas but will develop the apps for anyone living in the United States. Communication via Phone, Email, and Video Chat is available; opening many doors to people with an app idea all over America.