We are an India based organization provides a range of products and services linked to our core discipline of Multimedia & Animation Services and  computer aided design (CAD) since 2001. We are pioneer in providing solutions in the following areas.

Our main Animation services are ;-

- 3D and 2D Cartoon Design and development

- 3D Modeling & 3D Walkthroughs

- 2D Animations and story board writing

- Flash Website design and development

- Flash programming to interact with detabase

- VFX & SFX services for movies and TV Media

- Editing Services for Movies and TV Media

- Experienced in 3D designs for CAD services

Whether you need professional 2D Animation services, 3D Animation services (modeling, rigging, story board writing), CAD visualization, 3D Studio Max and Maya animated solutions or fully rendered computer generated images. Our aim is to deliver low cost, customized solutions to our clients.

Our unique position as a multi-skilled Animation projects with such a large team means that we are flexible enough to help with the most complex projects at short notice, providing you with a 24/7 operation as and when required.

Our experienced team includes Aritists, Engineers, Modelers, Riggeres, 3Dmax key animators, Writers, Project Managers and Quality Control personnel, Total strength of 20 personnel.

We offer unique production capabilities to deliver projects on time, to budget, provide comprehensive project control, management and expert technical skills to provide quality CAD solutions at minimal cost. If you need more information I will provide the company profile which will help you out to see the in-depth work executed by extreme animations.

For more information and for video gallery please visit us at

http://extremeanims.com/ or
http://extremeanims.com/index.swf or U can also visit us at http://universalautomations.com/extreme/index.htm

You can download our company profile from http://extremeanims.com/extreme_profile.swf