Pixellot is an exciting technology and services company that offers an automatic and affordable system and method to produce game and player videos for the high end and long-tail team sports market. Our innovative systems have been installed with leading broadcasters and amateur sports clubs around the world. We have built a strong team of experts who have garnered a wealth of experience and bring diverse technology skills and application expertise in sports broadcasting.

Pixellot offers innovative, affordable alternatives to traditional video capture, production and distribution systems, for both professional and amateur sport events. Pixellot’s patent-pending technology solution streamlines the production workflow by deploying an unmanned multi-camera system in a single fixed rig (with additional angles as required), to cover the entire field, and offering a stitched panoramic image. Advanced algorithms enable an automatic coverage of the flow of play.

The Lemur system is a fully autonomous system offered to the amateur sporting market enabling a fully “hands-off”, highly cost effective auto production of the event for web streaming - no human intervention is required.

The PXL12 system is an ultra-high resolution system with a remote proxy video production suite that enables a small remote production team to edit the panoramic image to create comprehensive coverage.

The Pixellot system provides a unique solution for broadcasters, production companies, major and minor leagues, community & youth clubs, coaches, sporting venues and sporting clubs.