Pixiboard is an online visual marketplace that provides locals and communities a simple, affordable, and seamless process for selling online.  Whether you are an individual looking to buy or sell your stuff or a small business trying to establish your presence online, Pixiboard makes the process simple. With a few clicks you can add items and set up a storefront or search what you are looking for and safely close the deal - all in one platform.

A one-stop solution that enables individuals and businesses to shop in and sell to their community and beyond, Pixiboard allows people to create their own customized online stores with a unique URL address.  Buyers can more easily find, discover, and purchase your products while eliminating the hassle and expense of managing a e-commerce site.  Shoppers can browse photos, message securely, and close the deal with our digital wallet all within our safe environment.  Whether an individual or business, Pixiboard is the low-cost, online, and mobile solution to buy and sell your stuff.