Pixlord, established in 2011, is a transformative agency specializing in research, development, and production. They endeavor to create new realms by integrating design and manufacturability into their projects. The team at Pixlord is committed to staying abreast of the evolving digital landscape, encompassing past and present media trends as well as future technological innovations.

Their work process involves daily meetings and discussions, emphasizing the importance of design and its practical implementation. Pixlord listens attentively to their clients' challenges and ideas, using the accumulated knowledge to guide their project management and development strategies.

One of their notable initiatives is Okul Tasarımcısı, which aims to revolutionize the education system through superior designs. This endeavor seeks to merge imagination with education and teaching, transforming blank walls into spaces that blend learning and entertainment.

Another significant project is Okulumda.com. This platform provides a range of beautifully designed, cost-effective products suitable for home or school use. Leveraging a wide supplier network, Okulumda.com focuses on delivering flawless service and high-quality offerings.

Pixlord prides itself on its portfolio of established brands and projects. They invite ideas that clients wish to be recognized and offer to conceptualize these ideas into tangible projects. The agency maintains a customer-centric approach, promising tailored presentations and consultations or project collaboration, assuring support regardless of the client's company size.

In essence, Pixlord represents a synergy of creativity, technological insight, and client-focused development, striving to exceed expectations and bring visionary concepts to fruition​