Every pizza restaurant owner and manager needs to know that there are people looking for you each and every day; I cant even tell you the number of times I have tried to find a pizza place to eat while out of town and sometimes a new place to try when I'm at home and usually it is the hardest search I ever do.

As a pizza lover myself, when I want pizza - I want pizza. Yes of course I have my favorites in my hometown but we make it a tradition to eat Pizza every Sunday night as a family; occasionally we like to switch it up and get outside the norm. Usually we end up getting so frustrated that we either throw in the towel and go to what we know or go to extreme measures and open the phone book.

Of course we have to actually find the phone book first which is a feat in and of itself...we have had some of our best experiences finding a new pizza place and enjoying someones else style of the same ol' pie.

Being a small business online marketing coach this has become a passion and even more so a necessity to continue on in my pizza addiction. With more then 67,000 pizza restaurants competing for my business in the US every time I get ready to buy a pizza; I cant help but wonder why I typically cannot find the local pizza stores.

The answer I have come up with is simply this - Just as I don't know how to make awesome pizza, you are probably not an experienced internet marketer. Good thing we both have our expertise, our team will quickly and near immediately get you to the top of local searches for your general market area and many time 2nd and 3rd market areas as well.

We give you the power to compete with the marketing budgets of the big chains and literally dominate your local market. We take the stress out of your marketing initiatives and we will even give you practical tips on how to gain a complete market saturation online and offline in your local area. REMEMBER - people are looking for you BUT the question is CAN THEY FIND YOU if they were looking?

Now is the time to put your hands on the wheel of your marketing programs and determine to be on top!

What you can expect when you work with Getme2theTop Pizza Marketing -

   * Have a Website, great. We will optimize and make any needed changes that will guarantee you success in your local marketplace.
   * Need a website - NO Problem. we have standard and custom sites available that will be online and making you money in no time.
   * Give you a guaranteed minimum of (1) Page 1 Ranking on Google for your #1 market BUT usually it is more like several.
   * Launch a full scale comprehensive marketing plan for your business
   * Teach you how to maintain your #1 ranking and we promise You can do this with ease
   * Develop an online marketing strategy that automatically builds a database for you - Guaranteeing future sales and residual income.
   * Show you real time reporting and website statistics including visitor traffic, and what people are looking at when they are on your site.
   * Give you tips and common practice ideas from real pizza buyers outside the industry itself
   * All our ongoing ideas, marketing tips and programs are either LOW or NO cost solutions to total local web domination
   * Give you the tools needed to succeed in an online marketplace
   * Be your resource when you need someone to turn to for any online or offline marketing needs or questions.
   * Teach you how to keep your customers coming back with promotions that are delivered to their email, phone, etc.
   * Teach you about interactive marketing practices, products and solutions that keep customers thinking of you.
   * Teach you how to setup Automated Marketing Messages
   * Teach you how to get Positive Reviews from satisfied clients, gaining you tremendous traction on the web
   * Provide you relative online and offline marketing advice with our e-newsletter
   * Assist you in the Setup of any email, hosting, payment gateways and commerce solutions that you may need
   * Prove to you that people are looking for you
   * and much much more........

We can also help you setup your own online ordering system that will generate sales for you and you don't even need to pick up the phone.