With many years behind me endeavoring to succeed at leveraging the Internet to live an easier life, I have successfully organized a few honorable and popular marketing opportunists, who are talented and experienced enough to accomplish what I have not.  As marketing professionals, they have accomplished financial independence. These people subliminally influence our world all over the world. They are dedicated individuals and make the world go around by influencing worldwide cash flows with their ideas and uncanny imaginations which design advertising ideas.  

Well, it makes sense that those of us who participate in their world should also enjoy fruits of the labor required of the profession when we affiliate with them.

My business makes it possible for you to become a part of this prosperous occupation.  The product owners that we 'affiliate' with replace computer science with marketing wizardry using advanced coagulation of the two to continuously create innovative products to accomplish effective marketing strategies.  The technical parts become transparent rather magically and make the work easy for anyone, themselves included to prosper by leveraging the technology of today to make accomplishing the propagation of finance worldwide easy.

The business is self-perpetuating and never-ending due to the limitless imagination of ever-changing marketing ideas.  When you 'affiliate' with the industry's product creators' successful accomplishments as a unique participant, you are free to combine ideas and create an enterprise of your own.  Isn't that cool?

This ideal is certainly not uncommon; I have merely described the new common occupation called 'Affiliate' Internet Marketing.

Now that the internet is over twenty years old and technology has evolved so very well, this industry now makes it possible to manifest ideas from your-head-to-the-world from the myriad of products created every day.

Some say that it is easy to do Affiliate Internet Marketing, but it not so easy until you focus on only a few products, and ignore the daily new ones until the cash flow happens for yourself. This is called the flashy-object-syndrome.

Do you see in your, perhaps,  non-techy brain with a multi-gigabyte device in your pocket how 'easy' has happened to us all?

For me, I then innovate on the software products leveraging experiences unique to my own career experiences to offer my insights and assistance to those interested at my team-oriented email address of Phillip at Team dot McClore dot com.

There are stars in my mastermind team that aspire to show you and me how to become as successful as they have become as a mutual prosperity proposition most times as 50/50 splits, or better.

The daily earnings in this business easily run into the thousands. And, annually it is more and more commonplace to find participants harnessing millions per year of the three-hundred-twenty plus billion projection of the Internet Marketing industry's projected value of its future worth -- reference FORBES magazine.

My endeavor with this enterprise is to pounce on this moment in humanity's evolution and to wrestle this technology unto a tamed submission; a point of utter service to mankind; making money a thing of non-worrisome concern.

Ideally, my business goal of being successful is to leave us to more pleasant liberties and dutiful care for each other with time to relax; without fear of no food to eat if we do not work and fight for the moment to moment advantage with each other.

Do you agree with my ideal?  

I agree that some stress is good as certainly we can learn from our enjoyment and observation of sport when we watch competition during contests of all sorts and marvel at an athlete's achievement, and improvements year over year, but basic needs should be easier than it typically is for so many folks on our planet.

Internet Marketing with Digital currency influencers can be the solution.

It seems to be presenting itself to us, blatantly.

Don't you agree?  

It is time we do not ignore this wonderful technological evolution anymore, even with the solutions as close as our very front pockets!  Do our brains have to be interfaced or have chips under our skin before we wake up?

It has now become easier and easier for cash to fill our bank accounts.

It is utterly, a serious omission of our education systems to ignore the leverage at our fingertips and in the multi-gigabyte device in our pockets.

It is fast becoming a laughable matter and simply an ignorant mishap to continue without emphasis for us all.  Following a passion will create a less stressful lifestyle, etc.

Perhaps in some parts of the world, where I am unaware, money is not so crucial?

However, it goes without discussion, that the internet is a world-wide-web where this solution is free for everyone to obtain it!

Join with me in your new prosperity, less stress, passion chasing, and jubilee!!!