Achieve your fitness goals faster and easier by tracking your effort during workouts. With PK Fitness, it’s not about how far or how fast, but rather how hard you work. Real-time effort tracking provides you with the insight necessary to make mid-workout modifications, maximize your training, fast-track your results, and keep yourself accountable.

We’re the only app on the market that measures effort in real-time during workouts for any fitness level and any activity type. Meaning no matter what you do or how you do it, PK Fitness will track your effort continuously and accurately. Best of all, the effort score you see during workouts is personalized to you, learning with each workout you complete and guaranteeing accurate data even as you grow fitter, faster, and stronger.

Compete in challenges, compare effort scores with daily leaderboards, and share your best workout with friends and family. Stay accountable and motivated with weekly streaks, groups, and progress boards. Socialize with friends on the community feed, nudge slackers, and compare workouts based around effort.

Available for FREE on the Apple App Store. Coming very soon on Android.