PORT KLANG LOGISTIC TERMINAL (“PKLT”), an affiliate within the “Tujuh Group” is based in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia. “PKLT’ is in the business of rendering Consulting and Advisory services, collectively classified as “Commodities Trade & Freight Flow Initiatives”. The cotton sector, since PKLT’s inception, remains a high priority focus area for PKLT, It is well positioned to engage “end to end”, Supply (Pre-Farming) to Value Chain (Textile & Apparel offtake by Consumers)


PKLT is often labeled as a “Think Tank”, proposing innovative concepts, and managing at various phases that commences from concept incubation, project configuration and integration, execution and beyond. The innovative edge provides added benefits of reaping “The First Mover Advantage” benefits, maximizing ROIs leaves others to trail behind its Clients “market disruptive” global footprints.
PKLT has incorporated a long term strategic road map focused at developing target specific “Enablers” (solutions enabling positive impacts) that possess qualities impacting positively towards “socio-economic” aspects to its project participants.


PKLT’s is seasoned with experience (global level) with “hands on expertise” at major Hubs, landlocked countries, and networking with Governments, GLCs, and related parties. This experience coverage includes “Supply Chain Optimization” (SCO) configuration within the Commonwealth of Independent States (Republic of Uzbekistan) and West Africa (Republic of Mali, and Republic of Burkina Faso). Leveraging on these critical success factors, backed by its team of human talents. PKLT is well positioned to serve the needs as requested.

Globalization and its impacts to supply and demand, on two way TEU traffic has contributed to trade and freight flows increase across multiple borders forming key linkages between developed and emerging economies. These linkages often are complex, and require immense equity to be a reality. Transparency, ac-cross all levels of the commodity supply and value chain is now a pre-requirement for sustainable commercial viability.


Blockchain, is an open technology, possessing intrinsic abilities to record, track, monitor, and exchange assets without the need of an intermediary. Leveraging on Blockchain has been trial tested with positive and promising tangible results in key sectors of Agri, Food, and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Transparency, apart from being a non-negotiable pre-requisite into the USD1 Trillion “Green Trade”, is additional crucial for emerging economies seeking financial inclusiveness