Plagpy is an emerging genre of photographers who are continuing through their original and radical work to redefine standards of excellence in image making in India. Plagpy is not just about commercial advertising photography. It has begun redrawing the fine lines between the commercial Annotations, artistic quotient & creative excellence.

Indian photographers, with the rare exceptions, have never been at the pinnacle of development in the photography world. Technology has been a mere spectator in india whilst the world has always partnered technology in their image making. Again plagpy clearly scores on this front by investing in an entire gamut of world class equipments and accessories.

sunil jain is an alumnus of Light and Life Academy, Ootacamund, India`s best photography school. His complete unpretentiousness and his ability to see things afresh is something that will strike you in every frame of his. Be it the portrayal or characterization of either the person or the scene, it will appear so simple yet striking & above all simply candid. Another very visible difference you will find in him is that he is hardly as flamboyant as his comrades in the industry are. He believes that his signature is not in his style, but in his thoughts & characterization
Sunil jain has evolved as a specialist in On-location photography. Be it panoramas, architecture, interiors, industrial, corporate portraiture, aerial, action shots, adventure sports, nature, travel & lifestyle.
Another signature style he has evolved is of redefining companies identities by a very strong characterisation of the annual reports through his images.