New Plane Jane Travel Pack is a must-have for getting your personal lotions and potions past security check-ins and safely on board any international flight.

Airlines the world over have regulated strict rules for carrying liquids and gels on board flights in carry-on luggage. The Plane Jane Travel Pack is a cute solution for getting the quantities right and not suffering confiscations at the check-ins.

The Plane Jane Travel Pack complies with international regulations for the translucent re-sealable bag. The pack comes complete with re-fillable containers for toiletry products, each the exact allowable 100ml capacity.

The beauty of the Plane Jane pack is that it allows flyers to carry-on the products they are faithful to, rather than having to compromise with brands that sell travel sizes. Simply decant products into the mini containers and pack them in the sturdy toiletry bag. Getting through customs and to the boarding lounge will be a breeze!

The pack and the little containers are re-useable, thus saving money and being mindful of the environment.

Plane Jane Travel Pack is available online at www.planejane.com.au
The site also features a collection of tried and true web links for travellers, edited by the gorgeously drawn Ms Jane. This savvy ambassador for the return of glamour to the modern travel experience has also penned a useful checklist for those planning a journey, with some very astute suggestions!

Each pack purchased comes with a free luggage tag, so your trunk will be easily spotted at the baggage claim!